Now Offering Alligator Hunts!!
I offer a full service guide operation, with both left handed and right handed bows, just let me know which one you need. All you will need is a valid Texas fishing license, and show up ready to fish. I am equipped with two twin 20ft customized flat bottom boats.
I will fish anywhere at anytime.
I will travel anywhere

on the Rio Grande river, Falcon, Choke Canyon, Toledo bend, Brazos river, Trinity river, Colorado river, Richland Chambers Lake, Lake Sam Rayburn, Lake Livingstone, Lake Fairfield, Lake Buchanan and or any other lake or river, of my preference or yours.
I can proudly say that I have caught GIANT gar from more places around Texas and have more years of experience than probably any other single individual Alligator gar guide in Texas. I now catch gar for clients from all around the globe. With this said I would be proud to take you out to catch you a living prehistoric dinosaur, the ALLIGATOR GAR!!!
Hello my name is Mark Malfa and I have been fishing for Alligator gar for over 35 years. I caught my first one when I was 11 years old on a 6ft long rake handle, 125lb Dacron line and a 2ft steel leader with a 6 /o hook (SERIOUSLY). I caught the alligator gar about 3 miles from my parent’s home at Sims Bayou in Houston Texas. A couple years later I heard about bow fishing and I got my parents to buy me a bow and discovered how much action bow fishing could be chasing all types of gar, carp, buffalo, tilapia, bullfrogs and other species of fish and the rest is history. Since that time I have caught and my clients have caught more Alligator gar than I can remember. I've taken many gar over 200lbs that’s right OVER 200lbs from many quality gar spots in Texas such as the well know Trinity River, as well as Choke Canyon, Nueces River, Frio River, Falcon Lake, Amistad Lake and other lesser known locations. I have caught these GIANTS with both ROD & REEL and with a BOW & ARROW for my clients. I have had many first as a bow fishing / Alligator gar fishing guide. I was the first type of guide to turn in record fish and proudly have had WORLD RECORDS, STATE RECORDS and many WATERBODY RECORDS that belong to my clients from all around the globe. I was the first to incorporate both ROD&REEL fishing and BOWFISHING for my clients! I believe I was the first to put videos on my site for bow fishing, and the first bow fishing video on YOUTUBE to get over 1 million hits (YEAH). My name has been used on YouTube by others as a search term for others videos!!! Sadly a first I do not like or care for is that my ideas have been copied by several other now similar guide services!

SO DON'T go with the imitators come out with the originator

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30 Texas Water Body and 8 Texas State Records

I ask you, "Why fish with anyone else?"